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Discussion in 'Microphones (live or studio)' started by jaime, Jul 4, 2001.

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    I have PT LE 5.0 (w/Digi 001) installed in my computer. I want to know that if i install PT 4.0 (w/DAE Power Mix) in the same computer, this last one will run OK and what precausions/problems i have to get in mind.


    System: PT LE 5.0 (Digi 001), b & w G3, 350 Mhz, OS 8.6, 192 Mb.
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    You could try it if you want, but it is usually questionable. You'll have to match the OS version (I've never run PowerMix on OS 9) and sort of hope all the extensions needed (Sound Manager, etc.) work with both. You'll also need to 2 different extension sets for different versions of DAE and the other Digi extensions (do NOT try to run them both at the same time). Of course, PowerMix will not see your 001. Never tried it myself, but did think about it-- I could see how PowerMix could have a lot of benefits in many cases. Best I can think of off the top of my head.

    Good luck- let us know how it works,
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    I tryed but it seems that is not possible. To begin you cannot run 4.0 with DAE and DSI that comes with 5.0. You have to "swap" the files ( i mean, when you want to run 4.0 you have to move from their respectives folders the DAE and the DSI for 5.0 and put, in the same places, DAE and DSI intended for 4.0 and viceversa) but when i attempted to swap the DSI the system don't allowed me to do that. Anyway, i am not a compuerter wiz so maybe i did something wrong.


    P.D: i wanted to try with 4.0 because of the "voices"thing (virtual tracks) that 5.0 LE, as you probably know, don't features.
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    Yeah, I can see why people might really want to run PowerMix. The DAE is tough. I don't know what issues you're having swapping it out (of course PT+DAE can't be running), but if you can, you might make an entirely different startup disk for 4.3. If you have another drive or partition you can use, just do a lean install of a compatable system and PowerMix, and switch the Startup Disk control panel. Worth a shot if you indeed REALLY want to run it!

    Best of luck.
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    Apparently you are not set-up to take private replies, so I will just do it here:

    posted July 21, 2001 07:38 PM      
    i just installed pt 4.0. the trick is to get out first dsi 5.0 first from the extensions folder and then do the apprpoate changings (sawp the dae folders). Althoug, there's the following problem that i must resolve: when i close a plugin after aplicate it to ha redion the pro tools falls with an error 2. What could it be?

    chao...keep in touch

    This is tough-- it will be very difficult to track this kind of thing down in these circumstances. About all you can do is go with a minimal extension set and assign more RAM to PT and DAE. You are likely to have some problems getting one version of the OS to get along with both of these programs. I know there are some people on the DAW-MAC e-mail newgroup that run PowerMix, so you might subscribe and ask there.

    Sorry I couldn't help more...
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    Problem solved:
    All you have to do is not to move the dsi, how? Well, you must put the dsi for 4.0 in the Extensions (Disabled) folder. Then, open the Extensions Manager. Allong with the dsi for 5.0 (checked) will appear the dsi that comes for default in the OS (v. 3.1.1) and the dsi for 4.0 (v. 3.1.2), both unchecked. Now, duplicate the set. Rename it (i.e. "Set for PT 4.0") and uncheck dsi for 5.0. Check dsi for 4.0. Restart the computer. Once restarted, to open 4.0, you must swap the entire DAE folders (passing 4.0, wich it´s in the desktop, to System Folder and getting out from it the entire DAE folder 5.0, puting this one in the desktop and.... voilá. Open PT 4.0. The only thing that bugs me a little is when i open 4.0 it appears a message saying that OMS couldn´t recognize Digi 001 as MIDI interface but the program works just fine (regarding to audio). I don´t work with midi so I couldn´t care less about that. Anyway, I noticed this last issue to Digidesign in order to make dessaper that annoying OMS message. No response has been sent to me yet but, like i said, once PT 4.0 is opened works absolutely normal (also, the problem with plugins vanished). And if you want to go back to 5.0 just perform the same procedure described above. The OS thing has no influence in this matter.

    Greetings and keep in touch
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    great to hear! I follow your solution, and glad the mysterious error with the plug-in is gone. happy PowerMixing...


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