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Discussion in 'Computing' started by sebrady, Oct 7, 2004.

  1. sebrady

    sebrady Guest

    bought Mbox 3 months ago

    when booting up Protools LE 6.2.2 I always get 3 pop up windows

    1) component DFX chorus has expired Jan 13, 2004
    2) Protools LE for DV toolkit window
    3) digitranslator window

    I am not gonna buy any of these add ons, how can I make them go away forever javascript:emoticon(':(')
  2. rojo

    rojo Guest

    go to>support>answerbase, type the text in the search box and you will get an answer.

    the dfx chorus pop up means your plugin demo time has expired the same with dv toolkit and digitranslator. when you installed your software maybe you didn't see that you could select not to install them.

    go to your plugins folder and remove the dfx chorus plugin icon and either creat a "unused plug-ins" folder or throw it away. that should stop the window from poping up. on the dv toolkit and digitranslator there must be some kind of folder or just an icon that by throwing them away is enough to stop the pop ups

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