PT Mix Plus good investment?

Discussion in 'Microphones (live or studio)' started by elpezpr, May 25, 2007.

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    Hi. I recently became the engineer for a small studio. Most of the work there are jingles and music recording. The studio belongs to a music composer and most of the work is in-house but people call all the time and decline working in the studio because we don't have ProTools. Some of the sessions include more than 48 tracks so that rules out the Digi003. The studio currently uses a clone PC wich is a bit outdated. The running software is SAWSTUDIO. This software is a pain. Do you think buying a used Mix Plus system to be a good investment? Can I still buy compatible plug-ins? Will Digidesign give me support? I used to work on a Mix Plus system and if my memory serves me well it worked pretty fast. The studio allready has a Apogee AD-8000 so I would only need the Mix Plus system and another 888/24 or AD-8000.

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    The MIX Plus system is a bit old, but is still in use quite a bit. I would triple check to see the compatibility of the MIX Plus and the 888 with 7.3 - I can't remember the requirements for using such, but it should work.

    Buying a used system now might not be a great investment as the HD systems have been out for a few years themselves. Seems like many people are trading in/getting rid of their MIX. Depending on what you pay for the MIX system, you might be able to get an HD1 and interface for a bit more.

    Check with Digidesign to see if, and how long, they're supporting the MIX systems.
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    Hi. Thanks for your response. I would be using a Power Mac G4 with OSX 10.3 and ProTools 6.1 I can get a used Mix Plus system and 1 888/24 for $2500. A base HD1 system with 1 96I/O would go for about $8000... way to much for me as I will be the owner of the system.
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    I don't think 7.3 is that backward compatible.
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    Yes, but the reality is that most studios around run PT 6.9. Anyway as of right now we're not compatible with anyone.

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