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Discussion in 'Microphones (live or studio)' started by, Dec 25, 2000.

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  1. We now have DIGI 001/PC I do want to upgrade to TDM. I have been told that waves no longer supports TDM for PC. Is this a factor to be considered? I built this PC from their specs. a 750 PIII, 256 ram, 2 IDE HD's, plextor CDR but a ASUS mother board which works great for 001 but the PT spect says there is a possible PCI voltage problem when using it for TDM? It does not matter wheither I use PC or MAC But I would like to use the computer that I already have...a PC. We only do multi track editing and mastering no mixing at this point so I want to upgrade just enough to to get into the basic TDM system. I see now that I should have bought a Mac but can anyone help me work with what I already have. Whats the bestest cheepest way to go.

    David Black
  2. Greg Malcangi

    Greg Malcangi Active Member

    Oct 12, 2000
    Hi David,

    If you were thinking of mixing as well, I would suggest the following:

    Get Gigasampler and run it on your current PC. Make sure the PC has a MIDI interface. Get a Mac for your TDM and sync the PC to it with MIDI.

    Mac is definately the way to go with TDM. New and upgraded plugin's tend to come out on the Mac first, and sometimes not on the PC at all. Also the Mac version of PTools tends to support more functionality than the PC version.

    If rather than mixing you go into sound & picture then use your PC, sync'ed as above, to store and playback your video. There is an excellent piece of PC software designed specifically for this situation.

    If you are set on using your PC I'm sure you can but I don't personally know the in and outs of PTools on a PC.

  3. Thanks Greg,

    I have been researching the Mac and have decided to get a G4, I'm like you are about PC's, I don't know anything about the Mac computers.

    Today I talked to the Digi regional sales rep that I met in Atlanta last year. He was unaware of Waves dropping support for TDM on PC but was very helpful and understood my frustration, he said that he would help me make the upgrade from 001 to TDM when I'm ready. He also said he would give me a good deal on the trade up considering that I will be having to By a Mac.

    I had made all my purchases based on the availability of third party support. The 5.1 won't be ready for PC till later 2001 no waves RTAS for PC and it goes on and on!

    Its good to know from your reply that I can still use the PC and want have to eat it. I will be doing some sound and picture for a video production co next year.

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    Thanks again,
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