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    Hello, thank you in advance for your advice. I have recently started a record label. I have acquired all licenses necessary for an LLC. In the next couple months I will be financing the recording and manufacturing for a couple bands albums. I have read through this forums and several books regarding starting and maintaining a label. The only issue I am having is in the area of publishing. I am inquiring about on all steps needed to be taken regarding publishing to release these albums. I know that I can join one of the major 3 publishers, but I am not sold on the details of why exactly this is necessary. I know starting a publishing subsidiary of the label is something that is feasible in terms of independent labels, I just don't know where this fits in with me trying to avoid the demon that is the RIAA. I really just would like advice in this matter on what options I have, from someone who has dealt with this in past experience. Thank you again for your help and any help would be greatly appreciated.
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    I assume that when you say the 'big 3' you're referring to BMI,ASCAP, and SESAC.....As for the 'why' , if you are producing music for distribution and airplay, you want to be able to track airtime, sales, mechanical uses and such. The 'big 3' do that. As a label, I would assume you would want your piece of every pie available....

    If you are also the artist as well as the label and you are also the songwriter as well as the label, then you also want to be the publisher. Wearing all the hats is a good thing if you have the wherewithall to see everything through to distribution.

    Be sure you have a working relationship with a music oriented lawyer.

    Hopefully others with much more experience in this will chime in.....

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