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Discussion in 'Publishing / Marketing' started by dkrausz, Apr 28, 2002.

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    OK, here is the thing. I want to retain ownership (not control) of music I have scored to a film. Don’t I either need to get that music published or become my own publisher to do that even as an ASCAP writer member?

    The project was a package deal where the producer already agreed that I could retain ownership. The composers agreement and sync license I have provided are all in order. I just need to know this info (for contract language content). For example, these contracts imply that a "publisher" is involved using terms like "world wide publishing rights". The word "publisher" is almost always used in conjunction with "composer". I would get an attorney to check it out but can’t afford it right now… Is the simple answer just to delete the word "publisher" from those two agreements?

    Can anyone give me a link or some info regarding how I can become my own Publisher? What is the criteria and or the steps involved. I am an ASCAP member but would like to join as a publisher as well.

  2. stoneinapond

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    "I would get an attorney to check it out but can’t afford it right now…"

    I shudder when I hear that sentence. Please do yourself a favor by finding some way of consulting with a lawyer. If you expect to make money from the music, then don't just go around crossing out words and replacing them with others. You will end up loosing far more in the long run. These things can get real tricky.

    I would also call ASCAP and ask them what the requirements are for becoming a publisher member. Back when, all it required was for you to be "published" which this film may or may not do for you. But membership services will certainly tell you.

    All the best with your project,

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