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    Can anybody explain me how publishing works?

    lets say the contract states 50% goes to artist and 50% goes to producer. What does that mean? Does it mean whatever the profit that the song generates from radio, television, shows will be split in half?.
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    In a word...

    In reality a contract can be anything that's agreed upon.

    In a straight 50-50 contract, if it's written that way, the trifling detail becomes 50-50 split in everything... BEFORE profit.

    If it's a thorough contract, it will include expendatures statements. Depending who wrote the thing, it probably will NOT include re-imbursement of certain types of expenses. (HINT!)

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    Steve Albini wrote an article about The Problem With Music regarding this subject that might answer some of your questions:

    aloha from Dr. Fleming at
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    Thanks for the replies but I still dont get it. I thought if you get 50% publishing, You will get 50% of what the royalty rate is where the record is realesed not actual 50% of the profit.
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    I highly recommend you purchase Music, Money and Success by Brabec and Brabec. The Brabec brothers really break it down for you and will give you a great clear understanding on music publishing.
    Your question actually has a very long answer... for starters, it depends on how your music is being used (what format). There are different types of royalty rates... For example, if we were discussing sheet music, royalty rates are generally around 20% of what the retail price on that sheet music is. If we're talking a song on a commercially released album, it depends what has been agreed in the agreement with the label (as there's a good chance it's a 3/4 rate and it may only be based on 10 or 11 songs on the record). Plus if the album has a cover song on it, your rate can be less then the statutory rate... There's a lot of different elements and Brabecs book will help you out a great deal.

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