PYLE speakers?? any good??

Discussion in 'Monitoring' started by djarpit, May 24, 2004.

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    model: Pyle PADH151 15 800W

    I was looking online for speakers for my dj system for something heigher than 500 watts and i found this for extremely cheap price but i dont know if this is any good at all. so if someone knows aobut audio please let me know . i'd appriciate it. Also can someone explain waht is peak watts and Rms watts?? But yea I would definately appriciate the comments about the speakers. and if u know a good amp i can use to power pair of these please let me know.
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    Sep 5, 2000
    Okay, when speaking of peak wattage handling of a speaker, think of an impulse. It's always higher than the RMS rating and it's basically the highest pulse of power (wattage) that the speaker can take momentarily. This is less important than RMS rating, especially for a DJ system.

    RMS=Root Mean Square=Average. You really need to pay attention to this rating when matching an amplifier with a speaker system. The RMS is the constant level of wattage the speaker has been designed to handle without failure. You want an amplifier that can comfortably supply the RMS wattage and have some headroom left, so that you're not running your amp wide open and inducing it to clip, which lops off the peaks of the waveforms, increases distortion and blows speakers.

    I'd actually get an amp with at least double the RMS power rating for the speakers if I was doing DJ work, as a lot of it's very bass heavy. To create bass, especially thumpy disco bass, you need lots of peak power and a very healthy RMS as well to move those cones fast and far. Low frequencies require a very large excursion of the woofer cone to create high SPL. Big woofers + lots of wattage = clean and loud.

    Pyle speakers are firmly entrenched in the DJ and car stereo segments. They're not, AFAIK, pro audio gear in the recording/mixing sense. More sound reinforcement than accurate reproduction.

    Amps to check out would be QSC, the Mackie FR series, Crown

    hope that helps!
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