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Discussion in 'Consoles / Control Surfaces' started by AudioTracker1, Feb 14, 2006.

  1. Hey everyone. quick question, does anyone, know, what the value of the Ramsa, WR811 would be worth, when, they first came out? this board, has 18 balanced inputs, 4 buses, sweepable eqs 8 and 12 k on the highs, and 60 and 180 on the lows. 2 sends per channel. etc

    anyone, know what these are worth these days, are they any good? what would be a value, new, and, mabey used by today. used but, in good condition with no noise.

  2. moonbaby

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    Feb 23, 2005
    That particular Ramsa was one of their "smaller" boards and was manufactured in the 80s to compete with the better Yamaha models.
    It was quite nice-for it's time- and their reputation for reliability was very good. That model was designed for live sound use, but could be used for recording,too. As far as value, I don't believe that it carries much resale value. I saw one last year in a local music store for under $500.00.....
  3. FoundSounds

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    I have this board and feel that the pres are better than a Mackie VLZ. You can also replace the opamps to lower the noise and improve the sound of the pres. Every single channel is on a seperate board, so it is easy to service.

    Mine was around $600 five years ago. I think they have dropped in price quite a bit since then. Somewhere around $375 - 450 is probably a fair price.
  4. very much aprreciated. and, that is exactly what i paid for this one, i am getting. 400.00 exactly.

    please, tell me more about replacing the opamps. ?

    how much does that cost>

    and what can i expect from it?

    thanks, man
  5. just to follow up on this. I ended up purchasing a Ramsa WR-T820B, for dirt cheap, and, its downright awesome. Very clean, very easy to use, very warm sounding. its big and dirty, and, i am loving it. bigtime. I would recommened it to anyone. looking for a little analoge, in this digital world of ours.
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