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Discussion in 'Mixing & Song Critique' started by rubberlugs, Feb 16, 2005.

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  1. rubberlugs

    rubberlugs Guest

    I've just aquired a Quad 50D but the guy didn't ship one cable, managed to persuade him to pass on the power cable but I have no audio in&out cables. Does anyone know where I can source these, preferably in UK but not that important. Or even better, can I just fix those cables in with matchsticks without using those touchel like connectors, and if so where can I get the pin diagrams?
  2. AudioJohn

    AudioJohn Guest

    There is a wealth of Quad information on the Web - but start at:

    MKH 800's

    There are a lot of different variants of Quad equipment made for different Customers (such as the BBC and other broadcasters) - so different connectors will be seen.

    If you have a problem finding the connectors - post another message......

    (I am in the UK)
  3. rubberlugs

    rubberlugs Guest

    Not having much joy just now, there's a few of the phone numbers out of date. The response I got from the guy down in the southwest of England was unbelievable. He would not help me and he seemed genuinly shocked that I was intending to use my Quad 50D as a foldback amp. "You cant do that, its a labarotory device, not for audio".
  4. AudioJohn

    AudioJohn Guest

    I wonder who that was (as I am also in the SW of England.....!).

    E-mail me directly via my Web site if you think that I might be able to help you further. I have a variety of connectors in stock - and sources for most old types.

    I am intrigued to know what this chap might think to learn that many Quad amps are used in Studios for driving headphones! Surely not!

  5. mace

    mace Guest

    QUAD 50 audio in&out cables

    Quad UK can suplpy them :lol: , albeit at a cost :(

    I too have a 50D, I just can't think of a use for it in my system :-? :oops:

    All the BEST,
  6. rubberlugs

    rubberlugs Guest

    Re: QUAD 50 audio in&out cables

    Well if you want rid of it, let me know, I could find a use I think
  7. mace

    mace Guest

    Still thinking i'm afraid, still thinking :wink: :wink:

    :D Magnus

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