Quad Pan Pot or Joystick Surround Controller

Discussion in 'Mixing & Song Critique' started by garbalcot, Apr 14, 2005.

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  1. garbalcot

    garbalcot Guest

    Hi, My name is Bill Amato. I do sound design for theatres in the cleveland ohio area. In July we will be doing a production in which I would like one of the effects to be the sound of whispering that travels around the audience by means of a manual control. Is there some form of joystick controller for this? I will probably set up four speakers in the front right and left of the house and the rear right and left of the house. I'd like the whispering to be able to quickly transition among the speakers in as simple of a way as possible because I will also be mixing and dealing with other playback. I was looking at the Martin Sound PanMAX but price is a huge consideration and I cannot justify spending more that $300 on such a device. Thank you so much for any suggestions.
  2. You've probably already dealt with the problem, it being two weeks later and all...but I just found this place, so...

    If it's something that you don't *have* to do live(i.e. to follow an actor around the house), why not simply use four channels of synchronized audio...say two CD players right next to each other so you can hit the play buttons at the same time. Run each to a separate pair of speakers, and there you are. A little ghetto perhaps, but hey...

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