Quested Q412 passive studio monitor VS ADAM S7 main monitor?

Discussion in 'Monitoring' started by hcs, Mar 25, 2010.

  1. hcs

    hcs Guest

    Why quested is not popular as ADAM studio monitor?

    Is it accurate and netural as compare with ADAM,ATC and PMC?
  2. steverispin

    steverispin Guest

    Roger Quested has been designing mains/rooms for over 30 years, to my knowledge.
    When dealing with soffit-mounted mains, Adam is a relative newcomer, and is in the news because of their near-field products, not mains.

    I own Genelec 1034s, but would not hesitate to work in a room with Questeds.
    Mains are a special case, in that they really need to be designed in conjunction with the room.
    See also Andy Munro, Neil Grant, Tom Hidley, Sam Kinoshita - They all will design the room , and the speakers are almost incidental.

    But to answer your original questions:
    Quested is far more popular than Adam, simply because there are far more installations by Quested. Adam is very new.
    Quested owners also do not see the need to upgrade, so there's less fanfare...

    Questeds can be as accurate and neutral as any other main, including ATC, PMC, Boxer, Augspurger, Genelec and Dynaudio. And a bunch of others.
    The inconsistancies, or family traits, come from the interaction between the mains and the room, crossover points, amps and EQs.

    The rise of near-field monitors means that room-interaction is less relevent, and this is where Adam scores heavily:
    Adam is into mass production of standard near-fields - that's where the money is.
    Quested is still into custom-built monitor-room environments.

    as always, YMMV

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  3. planet10

    planet10 Active Member

    Aug 22, 2006
    Chicago area
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    steve is right.....near fields are the thing to get nowadays since MOST studios are project studios or home things and dont have the room design for BIG speakers. just to put speakers in a soffit takes engineering and design and implementation on a scale that costs more than the BIG speakers do!!!
    quested does have near fields and i would advise on the purchase of these wonderful little gems
  4. hcs

    hcs Guest

    I felt dyna air 15 sound more accurate and better tonal balance than adam s3. The adam s3 sound disconjoint and a little bit hype and bass boast which may good for consumer hifi audiophile but not good for professional.

    Any opinion?
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