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Discussion in 'Bass' started by wavline1820m, Nov 18, 2005.

  1. wavline1820m

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    Hey guys. i have a question for your expeirnced minds. I have recently aquired a 26 inch cerwin vega sub woofer speaker. its 400 watts.

    I was wondering, what do i need to get this thing set up so i can run my bass through it, for live gigs. I realize, i will need a head of somekind, and a cabinet to put the speaker in.

    I think this speaker was used in a night club.

    Will this be a good bass guitar speaker? and if so, what do i need to do to it to get it wroking?

  2. moonbaby

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    Feb 23, 2005
    Those big-ass C-V's were designed for shaking movie theatres before butt-shakers were invented. I don't think that you will get a decent tone from it because it was designed for a very limited bandwidth, probably not much response over 300Hz. Now for the bad news...
    Those speakers were designed to be used in a large folded-horn ("W"-box). These are difficult to design and construct. Any speaker that size will require a LOT of cubic volume from a cab. Like the size of a Buick. Even then, the speakers from the 70's like that do not have the efficiency "modern" speakers have. Nor the reliability, especially when you try to pump "400 watts" into them. And when you blow that speaker up trying to get some tone from it, who ya gonna call? I don't believe that there is a re-coning kit for that puppy these days. Save your sweat equity and build something that can be really useable.If you want real low end from a do-it-yourself cab, check out the Eminence website, Parts Express, etc.
    Modern speakers have come a long way since those puppies were made!
  3. McCheese

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    Mar 24, 2005
    Sell it to some car-audiosucker and buy a David Eden setup.

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