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Discussion in 'Mixing & Song Critique' started by hawaii82, Jan 28, 2005.

  1. hawaii82

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    hello, well, i've a question, i'm using a MDR (analog inputs) in sync with Cubase via the Layla24, to sync perferctly, i need to use the WorldClock to be "in time", my question is, if i use an Apogee BigBen my sound quality should be better ? sorry if it's a crapy question !!

    PS: I don't use Digital inputs..
  2. hawaii82

    hawaii82 Guest

    OK sorry for my really bad english, i'll do more simple.

    Here my recording Chain

    Preamp (sebatron) >Mackie MDR24 anolague in
    It's sync with SX2 Via a Layla 24 Via MTC & worldClock
    After recording on the MDR, i import the files via Ethernet to my PC

    SO my question is, If I use a Big Ben Clock To Sync the MDR and The PC Via the Layla, the quality sound would be better? The Sync should be better?My question is a really stupid question?my english is so bad?...
    thx anyway
  3. Nika

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    Maybe. Too hard to say from the information given. You'll probably have to test it.

  4. hawaii82

    hawaii82 Guest

    thx anyway Nika

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