question about close mic recording for distorted guitars...

Discussion in 'Guitars' started by separation, Dec 14, 2006.

  1. separation

    separation Guest

    I'm getting ready to record guitars and I have a potential problem. I'm not using a room mic but only 2 (MD421, and SM57) mics on the 4x12 cabinet right on the cones (one offset) and the other pointed at the center cone. My space isn't but so big, about 22x12, and we are currently rehearsing in the space as well. I just wondered if there would be any problems with recording the guitar while the drums were in the room. Ambient noises from cymbals, toms, kick, and snare although it would be turned off. The kit would be played but would just BE IN the room. Should I go ahead and not have the kit in the room, or because I'm using close mics and we are playing heavily distorted guitars would it even be a problem? I just wanted to check in and see if there are any fundamental issues with this.

    BTW, the room is carpeted(unfortunately) and the walls are painted but with wallboard. There is acoustic foam up and bass traps, and the ceiling is treated so this isn't a concrete wall room with tons of reflections or anything.
  2. Scoobie

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    Sep 6, 2006
    The 421 or the 57 will work perfect..................

    I do live recording's (loud music) . Closed mic loud amp, you won't get that much bleed. On live recording I don't worry about mic bleed that much.
    Your not trying to just capture that one performer, but trying to capture a preformance. JMHP..........


    Edit after reading again.........
    If not recording a live performance, I would aleast cover the drums up.
  3. MadMax

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    Re: question about close mic recording for distorted guitars

    I'm going to assume that the statement should read: "The kit would NOT be played but would just BE IN the room."

    That being the case; scoobie's right. Just cover them with a blanket, sheet or even better - a packing blaket or 12.

    Depending on the orientation of everything in the room, you could probably get away with not even covering the kit and still be fine. About the only worries would be the toms doing some sympathetic ringing on the notes played that would be a harmonic of the notes played on the guitar.

  4. separation

    separation Guest

    thanks so much guys. That was my basic plan but I really just wanted to make sure. I really appreciate the responses!
  5. natural

    natural Active Member

    Jul 21, 2006
    blanket or no blanket probably won't matter as mentioned.
    In either case make sure that you unlatch the snares on the snare drum. That will have a tendency to show up on tails of sustained notes and in and around percusive gtr chunka chunka's.
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