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  1. I have a soundcard with 1 MIDI I/O (1 Input & 1 Output)
    A digital Mixer with 1 Midi Input, 1 Midi Output, and 1 Midi Thru,
    And 1 Keyboard with 1 Midi In , 1 Midi Out.

    How do I hook this up all together??
    Sorry this is such a newbie question......
    I'll be over there in the corner, hanging my head in shame.
    Thanks in advance.
  2. 12 views and no one knows? Maybe this wasn't such and easy combination. 02r, delta1010lt, keyboard......midi it!
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    this link should help explain all types of hook ups etc,,,

    lots of diagrams and explinations,

    not recommending the gear , but rather the informations,

    lots of pages , enjoy the read

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    What you really need is a midi patch bay. The reason for this is because you have two MIDI outs (keyboard and mixer) and only one MIDI in on the souncard. A midi patch bay would allow you to send the two outs to the one souncard in.

    But since you don't have one, here are a few things you can do.

    If you need to use the digital mixer to control something in your computer such as audio recording software, you are going to need the MIDI out of the mixer connected to the MIDI in of the soundcard. In this case, if you wanted to recording some MIDI data from the keyboard, you would need to unplug the mixer's MIDI out from the soundcard and plug in the keyboard's MIDI out to the soundcard's MIDI in.

    If you don't need to record any midi data from your mixer or use it to control your audio software, just hook the MIDI out of the keyboard into the MIDI in of the soundcard and the MIDI out of the soundcard into the MIDI in on the keyboard and bypass the mixer.

    If you need to have all three devices hooked up, there is an outside chance that this might work. Hook the MIDI out of the keyboard into the MIDI in of the mixer. Hook the MIDI thru on the mixer to the MIDI in on the soundcard. Hook the MIDI out of the soundard to the MIDI in on the keyboard. This type of setup will only work if the mixer has a setting that will send it's MIDI data out via the MIDI thru.

    Another possible solution would be to buy a MIDI merge box. Using this you could hook the MIDI out of your mixer and keyboard into the MIDI merge box, then the out of the MIDI merge box into the MIDI in of the soundcard. Then you take the soundcard's MIDI out and run that to the keyboard's MIDI in.

    One thing I forgot about.....If your mixer can be controlled via MIDI, you would need a connection from the soundcard's out to the mixer's in. So, to do it right...get a midi patch bay. A 3 X 3 should handle what you need.
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    well the solution is pretty decent but i really would suggest a MIDI patchbay
    cos tht would be much more flexibile
    it really is not advisable to go behind ur mixer or comp and keep changing the connections
    atleast a smaller patchbay kindda thing would be great
    can make it at home also
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    hey even am a newbie
    but dont be ashamed of asking things and getting thm cleared off
    thts the way u learn it aha aha
  7. Right On!! Thanks A Lot You Guys!! I got this all figured out now.

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