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Discussion in 'Mixing & Song Critique' started by davidvignola, Jul 20, 2006.

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    Hi group,

    I am a new member to this site. It really looks like a ton of great information. I am glad I found it. I have a quick question about recording software but first here is my current gear set-up

    DAW - Boss BR1600 CD 16 track digital recorder
    Guitar prossor - Boss GT-8 multi effects
    Drums - Boss DR880 drum machine
    Loop Station - Boss RC20XL looping station (for recording song ideas).
    Monitors - M-Audio SP5
    Subwoofer - Samson Resolv20 10"

    As you can see I use stanalone recording equipment and I do not record onto my PC. I really like my boss equipment and I do not want to chage it. I am able to achieve great recordings.

    However, my Br1600CD is limited to what it can do as far as effects go etc. I want to be able to have more control and tweakability over the individul tracks. So, I have the abilty to up load my tracks from the stand alone Boss recorder to a PC and I was thinking about using my PC to do the mix and mastering processes.

    I currnetly have Cakewalk Home studio 2.0 software and I have not really worked with it enough to see waether or not this software is a powerful enough program to do my mixing and mastering. Does anyone use this program?

    Can someone recomend and other program that will allow me to add some good plug in's for compressor, reverb, delay, eq etc to I can really have all the tools necessary to mix and master my raw tracks out of my Boss br1600?

    Can home studio 2.0 accept plug in's/


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    Nov 16, 2004

    P.S. Welcome!
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    Apr 14, 2006
    I don't know Cakewalk Home Studio's feature list (unless it is the latest Sonar Home Studio version), but more than likely you will have quite a few decent plugins with it, and it probably supports other DirectX plugins, if not VST too. You may be able to upgrade to Sonar Home Studio for either $59 or $79 (depending on how your product qualifies). You would then have VST and DirectX plugin support, as well as some included VSTi's (basic) and many of the editing/mixing features of Sonar.

    Another option if you prefer something different would be Samplitude. It has great included plugins (though fewer of them in the SE, Master and Classic versions).

    Moving up the ladder, either Sonar or Samplitude Pro would do everything you want, and more. There are demos of all of the above so you can test drive them yourself. Cubase SX is another option if you are looking at more expensive versions - no demo though.
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    I'm also a fan of Samplitude. Adobe Audition made a big step up in the Multitrack world with the last update. It's very good sounding software with good native effects. It's also quite affordable.

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