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Discussion in 'Microphones (live or studio)' started by DKusz, Aug 31, 2005.

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    I was wondering if its possible to hook up my Roland VS2480 to record with Adobe Audition 4.0? Is this possible? Or do I have to record with my 2480, and then dump the .wav files into audition?
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    i think you can with the right card--goto
    guys in the 2480 forum can tell you how
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    Jul 1, 2005
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    I have a VS1824 instead of a VS2480, and I dump the .wav files into Acid Pro 4.0 for mixing digitally.

    I'm not sure what you mean by hooking up your VS to record with Audition.. Do you mean using your VS as an audio interface to get audio into your computer to record in Audition? As far as I'm aware, VStudios don't have any way to directly connect with a PC (although, newer ones may have a USB out). That's why I just run my digital out to my sound card's digital in, and just record the digital stream. It's definitely time consuming, because if you still want the tracks broken down, you could be flying over files for a LONG time. I'm in the middle of doing a 15 song album for a local band, and recorded everything on the VS, then flew it all over to the PC for editing and mixing track by track.

    If you end up doing things that way, here's a couple useful tips that you'd eventually figure out on your own anyway, but they're still helpful!

    Make sure all of your inputs are muted when you fly tracks to the PC.

    It helps to have a common marker to align the tracks later. I usually leave my click track on for the first four clicks, then kill it.

    Make sure you don't have any effects on the master bus, and if you're not using any realtime effects for your tracks, bypass the FX engines. Basically, try and get the cleanest source you can before you hit your PC.

    Always check your i/o levels at each step. I try and run as hot as I can, for better signal to noise ratio, but there's several stages that clipping can occur, so every now and then I'll have to re-fly some tracks because of minor clipping.

    If you do find a piece of hardware that'll let you directly connect to your PC, let me know!
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    There was a PCI card available for the 2480 called the RPC-1. It allowed 8 i/o to your PC. It's been discontinued but check ebay. You can also get a DIF/AT 24 which is basically 8 i/o via adat. But you need a sound card that accepts adat.
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    I'm not sure about the 2480, but with the 1680 you can run two channels straight from the pres to the digital out and record that on the PC.

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