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Discussion in 'Microphones (live or studio)' started by INDIGOchild, Jan 31, 2010.

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    Can you take a listen to this:

    YouTube - POTIONS "Deliverance Mix" - PUSCIFER w/ Lyrics

    Can you tell me if its possible to recreate that on a computer?

    and if possible any idea what software you would need?

    I really dig their music, i'd like know how to go about creating music and beats like 'puscifer'
    and even 'tweaker'

    Any input would be appreciated.
  2. tunefoolery

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    Jan 26, 2009
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    It's certainly possible to create this kind of music on a computer. If you've never created music on a computer before, or used music software, it might be best to start with loop-based programs such as SONY Acid Pro or Acid Music Studio, or Garage Band. It might be the quickest way to hone in on the kind of music you'd like to create. Even though you'd be using loops of existing music, you'd still have quite a bit of flexibility and room for creativity. Acid and Garage Band also offer all types of sample packs that can be used with their software... so you could probably find sample libraries that have the kind of sound you're interested in. But I would just start with the program itself first. Acid and Garage Band are both pretty fun programs.
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    You would still need some musical skill and ideas, the computer doesn't generate music.

    It allows you to record,edit and perfect a performance.
  4. hueseph

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    I would say you need the skill first. The medium is secondary. The link you posted has a lot of guitar, bass and drums. There's not that much keyboard going on. So, providing you have those instruments available to you, getting the gear to record it is the next step. This could be an expensive venture though.
  5. INDIGOchild

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    Hey Thanks! alot

    I only have 2 guitars, Ibanez Vortex and the old Ibanez RX7 series...

    I was reading up like crazy into things, and I found this : SampleTank 2

    now with that,will it be able to create realistic music that sounds like a real band, do I have to purchase a keyboard to use it on my pc right?
  6. tunefoolery

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    Jan 26, 2009
    Los Angeles
    You'd still need some kind of sequencer on which to put the tracks you record with SampleTank and with your guitars. Which is why it might be better to get an all-in-one program (that offers not only loops and instruments but also track editing like GarageBand, or Reason. But Reason may be overwhelming for you if you've never used any music software. That's why I'd recommend sticking with one of the basic programs: GarageBand, Acid, Cubase Sequel 2, or even Cakewalk Home Studio. Later on, you could use SampleTank as a plug-in with one of these programs. With programs like Garageband, you can start without any kind of external keyboard, gradually learn the program, and then get into a more complicated setup. My advice: don't spend money on programs that are too beyond your skill level right now; as you become more skilled, you may change your mind about what you'd like to actually have.

    I'd also have to disagree slightly with gdoubleyou: the computer CAN generate sounds (in fact, it can generate ALL your sounds), but whether those sound musical or not depends on your skills and ears.

    I'd also add that to produce music with drums, guitars, and bass, you don't have to record them live with a microphone. You can get great drum and bass tracks using the instruments and loops that come with software programs such as the ones I listed above.

    So, you'll probably want to have a way of getting live sounds (like your guitar playing) into your music software, and a way of triggering sounds inside your music software using a MIDI keyboard. As far as the MIDI keyboard, it might be best to get a USB keyboard; that way you won't need a MIDI interface. However, since you also want to record live sounds into your computer, you'll also need an audio interface, and many of those include MIDI ports as well. So, you may be able to get one device that serves as both an audio and MIDI interface. Here's an example:

    You'll need to outlay some money for this kind of setup, but it doesn't have to be super-expensive.

    Good luck.
  7. INDIGOchild

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    Hey wow thanks alot, I will take into account what you say.

    I currently use SoundTech Professional Audio Systems - Products > Home Recording > Lightsnake USB Instrument Cable (STUSBG10) to connect and play on my pc.

    but im kinda over this or perhaps I havent discovered potential in it, thats why I'm tryna turn to groove and beats on the pc, through just software.

    I'm so inspired by what I hear sometimes, just wish I could understand it all, all at once.

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