question about samplitude if anybody knows...

Discussion in 'Mixing & Song Critique' started by dissinagrace, Oct 23, 2003.

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  1. dissinagrace

    dissinagrace Guest

    i can't seem to find a metronome in samplitude 6.0. i tried going into Options>Progam Prefferences>Midi/Metronome Options, but i can't change the speed of the metronome (it's just a drum that hits at a real slow pace. can anybody help?
  2. I'm not near my studio so I can't say for sure, but have you tried going into the Syncronization settings? Pressing the G key on your keyboard should get you there. I'm not certain if it's there or not, though.
  3. tmix

    tmix Guest

    I have to be honest.
    When I first started using Samp 6.04 I could not fid a quick way to do metronomes either so I bought a cheap Boss metronome with a line out($40).
    I simply adjust the beat to what people want and record it to a track, either before they track or at the same time.

    You can then create a grid to the known tempo ( I use like 3 times tempo for finer graduations) and line up everything to the grid. It makes it a snap to edit timing.

  4. dissinagrace

    dissinagrace Guest

    i think i've figured out the metronome thing, (which i'll explain later cause it's tricky and i have to go to work now), but now i move onto another question. when i used cool edit pro i could record the same file to many different tracks. all i did was set a bunch of different tracks to record at the same time. how can i do that with samplitude? it'll only let me select one track at a time.
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