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Discussion in 'Computing' started by DefBringa, Apr 3, 2006.

  1. DefBringa

    DefBringa Guest


    I am currently setting up a new DAW for my Studio and I think that I have come up with a pretty decent machine so far.

    First I will list my setup, afterwards I have some questions concerning special parts of it...

    CPU: Pentium D 930 Socket 775, 2x 3GHz, 2x 1024kB Cache, 800MHz

    MoBo: Gigabyte Ga-8I955X Royal: i955X/iCH7R • USB 2.0/Firewire 800/2x Gb LAN/SATA II RAID/SATA & PATA RAID/7.1 Audio (ALC882) • 1x PCIe x16, 2x PCIe x1, 3x PCI

    RAM: 2048 MB DDR2 Ram, Kingston PC2-667 CL4

    Cooling: Zalman CNPS 9500 Cu

    System HDD: 2x Western Digital WD360GD Raptor SATA 10.000 RPM 36,7GB 8MB Cache via Raid 0 directly to Motherboard

    Audio HDD: 2x Western Digital Caviar RE 320GB SATA II (WD3200YS) 16MB Cache via Raid 0 directly to Motherboard

    Data Swap: Some 300GB IDE HDD 7.200RPM

    Grafix: PCIe some Nvidia 6200 passiv cooling 128MB dual output

    CD/DVD write: Plextor PlexWriter PX-750A

    DC/DVD read: Plextor DVD PX-130A

    Power Supply:480 Watt TG-450-U22 V2.0 Low Noise (Tagan)

    Tower: Server Tower Cooler Master Stacker STC-T01 BTX

    Bracket: Cooler Master HDD Bracket for Stacker

    So, that`s it...

    Now the thing is that the motherboard is really hard to get, its basically no longer available.

    I am thinking of switching to MSI 955X Platinum: i955X/iCH7R • USB 2.0/Firewire/2x Gb LAN/SATA II RAID/PATA RAID/SATA RAID/7.1 Audio (ALC882) • 1x PCIe x16, 2x PCIe x1, 3x PCI

    because its the only one with 3 PCI slots and all other features...

    any thoughts concerning the MoBo ?

    Also my first choice for audio hdds was maxtor but i was told that their last series sometimes crashed in raid
    so i am going for the WD SATA II but there would also be the option to chose the new seagate NL35.2, they are also SATA II, also 5 year warranty and also 16MB Cache, pretty much the same price too...

    any thoughts on these?

    Also if you have any comments concerning the whole system please feel free to do so...
    i am working on this setup for a pretty long time now and finally managed to come up with the money...

    thank oyu very much in advance...

  2. DefBringa

    DefBringa Guest

    no comments?

  3. lung

    lung Guest


    sounds like a good machine,but watch out for irq issues with any dsp cards such as uad cards and tc eletronic powercore plus hd tdm due to nforce four drivers,installing such cards may make your monitor to not to work,this due to the pci express system
  4. DefBringa

    DefBringa Guest


    i know that there were several issues concerning new chipsets on amd platforms with pci express...

    as far as i know they have been solved and never existed with intel in any way...
    i do have dsp cards in this system and my audio interface is pci too...

    so i really hope this will work
  5. jcnoernberg

    jcnoernberg Guest

    raid 0 offers no redundancy, so most people would avoid booting off of it or relying on it for storage... you could lose everything real quick.

    i don't know of any exact figures as to what kind of improvement you would get with raid over a single sata drive anyhow (for audio capture). i've even heard of raid slowing things down on single user applications. it's great for server type applications with tons of data being read/written at once, but with single workstation writing just audio data, i don't know, i just don't know...

    SONICA-X Guest


    this is what we use in our systems; 975X

    Best regards,

    Guy Cefalu
    Sonica Audio Labs
  7. DefBringa

    DefBringa Guest

    hey guy...

    thanks for linking the asus board.
    i also chose the same one and that confirms my decision.

    what do you think concerning the raid issue?

    do you think its worth it or should i just go and use normal sata?


    SONICA-X Guest


    normal SATA. Also, disable the second RAID controller as it is attached to the PCI bus.

    My best,

    Guy Cefalu
    Sonica Audio Labs
  9. DefBringa

    DefBringa Guest

    thanks for the recommendation.

    so i will have to connect both system and audio drive to the first controller ?
  10. Norville

    Norville Guest

    As jcnoernberg stated above raid 0 provides no redundancy. If one drive fails , all data is lost. And since you have a double point of failure, you are twice as likely to have a drive fail. Make sure you have a very good backup strategy! Raid 0 will provide a boost in raw speed, but i would have thought that between the Raptors, and the 16Mb cache on the audio drive, performance would be quite acceptable anyway. 5 hard drives will generate quite a lot of noise and heat as well - i believe Raptors are quite noisy due to the higher speed. I would spend the money elsewhere.

    Btw, there is now a 150Gb Raptor.
  11. DefBringa

    DefBringa Guest

    thanks so much for all your help in the past and right now...

    i have decided to go with single drives and dont use raid systems...

    to be honest i think that it is really better to go with single drives unless you can afford mirrored raid systems for data security, then again you have to deal with the heat and noise of that many drives...

    i guess my machine will be pretty up to date without raid too...

    also i dont have to record or mixdown huge orchestras at 96khz or stuff like that so i guess i should be fine with what i have...

    here is what i have come up with finally...

    i can definitly recommend this setup for anybody and its affordable...

    Pentium D940 2x 3,2GHz
    Asus S775 P5WD2-E Premium i975X
    Zalman CNPS9500-Cu Cooler
    2048MB DDR2 PC-667 (PC2-5400)
    Gigabyte Geforce 6200TC 128MB DDr Grafics card
    Seagte NL35.2 250GB 16MB SataII (Audio)
    Western Digital Raptor WD360GD Sata 36,7GB 10.000rpm (System)
    Seagate Barracuda 7200.8 250GB 8MB (backup)
    Chieftec KF-21-IPF disk swap kit for backup drive
    Cooler Master hdd bracket for stacker (another one also in tower)
    Plextor Plexwriter PX-716AL
    Plextor DVD PX-130A
    Alps Floppy disk
    Power Supply 520W be quiet blackline P5
    Server Tower Cooler Master Stacker STC-T01 BTX

    it is 2300 usd incl assembling and testing

    i will be using it with rme hdsp pci interface and one powercore dsp card and still have another pci slot free for future uad card or whatever...

  12. DefBringa

    DefBringa Guest

    hey guy...

    any recommendations in what pci slots i should put the rme interface and the powercore?

  13. twon

    twon Guest

    this might be abit o/t by now, but to the earlier posters, i didnt spot any nforce4 reference, defbringa mentioned he was actually building an intel based system.

    anyway Defbringa,
    any pci slot should be fine, provided you disable onboard audio and anything else which would be connected to the pci bus.

  14. KingSix

    KingSix Active Member

    Dec 19, 2005
    Quebec, Canada
    Home Page:
    If you want to use Raid strategy (and also have money to), go with RAID 1. Mirroring offer security and faster read access to the array. I personaly use it with 2 x 2 160Go WD, 1 array for system and 1 array for data. No use of backup drive.
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