question about tascam dm24 and IF-FW/DM

Discussion in 'Mixing & Song Critique' started by inLoco, Aug 25, 2004.

  1. inLoco

    inLoco Active Member

    Jul 25, 2004
    so i'm checking a lot of possibilities and i came upon this one...
    is this what i think it is?

    the tascam dm24 digital mixer with a card IF-FW/DM.
    with this setup can i connect the 24 inputs to my computer and record them? does this work as a interface like motu, etc...?
    or does this card makes the desk work as a control surface?

    do you guys know or used both?

    many thanks
  2. Range99

    Range99 Member

    Aug 25, 2004
    I was also wondering about this setup (DM-24 with firewire card). How are the pres in the DM-24 compared to the ones in MOTU 896 and FW-1884? (I think the I/O on the fw-1884 would be a bit limiting to me in the long run) I was also thinking about an RME9652 with a couple of mackie onyx 800R's with Mackie Control Universal and possibly a UAD-1 thrown in for good measure. Except I'd still need something to monitor out? Would this be a good way to spend my money? So much to choose from!!!......BTW all this will be running on a 3.2ghz P4 on an ASUS MB (Intel 875 chipset). Any other suggestions? Price (within reason) is not really an object - i just want high quality sound - I need to be able to track 16 channels of drums simultaneously. Thanks for any help!
  3. wavdoctor

    wavdoctor Guest

    You are correct, The card will let you interface directly to your computer and from the computer back to the mixer. I currently usea motu but will upgrade when I get a chance. The pre's on the tascam are every bit as good as the pre'sI had in my mackie d8b. this song was tracked using the dm24 pre's.

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