Question about UAD plug ins

Discussion in 'Mixing & Song Critique' started by gwin_7, Mar 6, 2010.

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  1. gwin_7

    gwin_7 Active Member

    Feb 22, 2010
    Does UAD make software plugins that don't require a PCI card? or are they all ran off the pci card?

    How does it work? Upgrades?

    If they do make software plug ins, do they sound any different then the PCI ones?

    Thanks for the help,
  2. Bulls Hit

    Bulls Hit Guest

    All UAD plugs run off the PCI card. They also have a laptop card avalable.

    New plugs, updates etc. along with authorisations are downloaded from their site
  3. Yep. UAD and several other folks solved two problems with one solution: Plugin overhead and software piracy. If you want the sound of their plugs, you gotta get their hardware. Whether it's a worthwhile investment is for you to decide. I've had good luck with the Powercore system, and I've heard good things about UAD.
  4. Big K

    Big K Well-Known Member

    Jan 16, 2002
    Munich / Germany
    Home Page:
    I own UAD cards and am hooked to the sound of their plugs.
    The latest is the Manley Massive Passive, a 5.000$ hardware emulation for 299$.
    You get software updates through their page, which is usually containing a new plugin release, as well. In fact, the updates contain all of their plugs which can be demoed for 14 days in full function. You receive a number of plugs with the card, already. If you want to purchase one you go to their shop page, mark the plug, pay it with card or paypal. Immediately, you can download a small authorization file which you pull onto the UAD control panel ikon on the desktop ( also you can simply copy it to a non internet pc) With it, download the latest update, if not on the machine already. You just have to go through some clicks to install the update automatically onto the machine. Ready to go...
    You do need the UAD card for that, but it is worth it and UA is a rather generous company giving away free vouchers and discounts quite regularly. As to PoCo: also excellent plugs, but more expensive (card and plugs). I own both, but the UAD plugs are my first choice...
  5. Well that's a pretty ringing endorsement.

    I went PoCo because I got a nice deal on a used FW unit - very important, since I was out of expansion slots. Definitely not going to make that mistake on my next mobo...
  6. Big K

    Big K Well-Known Member

    Jan 16, 2002
    Munich / Germany
    Home Page:
    Hello Scott

    Yes. MoBo slots are a pain itn.. I had a 12 slot magma chassis once, but it made some problems with my
    setup ( it is running fine on others, though). Therefore, I am hoping for Asus to keep a board with at least 2 PCI-slots along with PCIe.
    Otherwise I had to scrap my HDSP9652 which is great and reliably for a computer component. Also, my 1st UAD1 is PCI and would be obsolete, too. Not too bad, though, the new UAD Quad has 10 times the power of one UAD1 :)...You should hear the Massive Passive emulation... prrretty close to the real thing, as is the Fatso and the NEVE stuff.
    I also have a few bundles of waves for about 7 grand, but I haven't even installed it. I completely dislike the company and their policy and with the version I am stuck, since WUP (charged waves upgrade plan) has run out, it takes Nuendo about 3 minutes to boot ( against 15 secs without).
    Amongst all plugins Universal and Steinberg natives vst3 are my favourites for mixing and mastering. From the Powercore fx I often use the dynamic EQ. Good for many applications.
    Btw, I had not much luck with FW devices. Either I was just too early shopping and the drivers needed to be improved or comms to the PC was somehow shaky..
    I hope you have more luck with it.

    Hi, gwin, ...
    Do sound PCI plugins different...?
    It is not a matter of PCI, PCIe, Processor card based or USB/FW gadgets. It is the same as with hardware FX.
    They sound as they are designed. If you are lucky, they sound close to the FX-Box that the emulation has been coded after.

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