Question for those who quantize Audio Drum Tracks

Discussion in 'Drums' started by Johnjm22, Oct 11, 2004.

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    Recently I've been trying a new method of getting that all important drum sound. I've been quantizing all my individual drum hits and replacing them with samples.

    I really like this method becuase it gets everything sounding nice and tight, and it seems easier to get those tom fills sounding nice and even.

    My only problem is the cymbals. After I quantize eveything else, the overheads are just slightly off, and I can still hear the old toms, snare, and kick coming through the overheads.

    Is there a solution to this problem? Do I have to sound replace the Overheads too?

    I know alot of the pro's quantize and replace their drum tracks (especially in Metal music, which is what I do) so what's their method of doing it?
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    i think they dont really do sample-replacement of already recorded drums. they'd rather quantize whole sections of drums (i believe theres a topic somewhere on this forum about that)

    from what i know, a lot of metal-drums are 'recorded' with triggers connected to samplers.
    i know that for instance deftones use this on some tracks, (im pretty sure they used it on Bassdrum but might even be snare too)
    ive also heard of a method using noise-gates' sidechains as triggers in a DAW to trigger samplers.
    thus: using the output of a noisegate on a snaretrack, to trigger a sampler with snare-samples.

    i guess your best bet wwould be to group all the drumtracks and quantize everything, including the OH-tracks
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    When I do quantize live drums (I HATE doing it, but for some reason drummers these days refuse to practice and record to a metronome/click) I use Beat Detective. As for replacing drums with samples it just means to me that the original drum track was recorded poorly.

    Why not use the drums as MIDI triggers to a sequencer andrecord just the cymbals live. That should resolve your problems.

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