question...midi data generated by a drum module and triggers

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    hey everyone,
    I'm new to cubase and midi and trying to learn...

    Heres the problem. I set a DM5 module up so that it records the midi data
    into cubase.. Now i want to get better sounds than the gs wavetable thing has.

    So do i need a vst plugin for drums for this? If so, can anyone recommend something good for metal/death metal drum sounds.

    Is it possible to get the DM5 sounds into cubase using the midi data I laid down?

    any help is appreciated. thanks
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    Yes you need some sort of plug-in. DFH and BFD, are drum specific and come with a good variety of drum sounds...

    Another option is Battery. It was designed with drums in mind and comes with drum sounds but it can also be used as a sample playback device for things other than drums, which makes it invaluable.

    But you have a DM5. It too has some good sounds, especially for metal. The D4 is popular for that, so I would imagine that the DM5 would have similar sounds that could be used. To record the sounds from your DM5 into Cubase, simply send your MIDI data back to the DM5 and send the audio from the DM5 into Cubase. You will most likely want to do this one or two drums at a time so that you can isolate each drum to it's own track.

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