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Discussion in 'Microphones (live or studio)' started by Hopeless_opus, May 13, 2005.

  1. I live in an appartment and I am looking for advice. I have a POD, it's ok, I will probably still use it for some sounds and stacking tracks. However I am looking for a beter solution for getting slightly to medium overdriven guitar tones at home.(U2, Coldplay, Interpol etc...) Most people who ask these questions are looking for the cranked marshall stack sound, but not me

    I am considering two options; A Zvex Nano head (1/4 watt amp) or running my silverface Bassman 50 or friends AC30 into an Isolation Cab. (either Randall, Demeter or the Axetrak)

    Which would you guys recomend? Am I better off using an Iso cab to just close mic, or will I get better results being able to get some room ambience using the Nano amp, even though all I have to use is a very live bathroom and a very dead walkin closet?

    Also I can get a pretty good sound out of the bassman with an overdrive pedal at low volume. How much would I be sacrificing if I just record it that way? I do want the guitars to sound big though.

    I'd appreciate any opinions,

  2. Rigsby

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    How loud can you get at your place? That'd be the clincher for me. Personally i can get away with a fair bit at our place and would go for micing the cab a few feet away to let in a little room sound (depending on how your room sounds of course), that really adds to the overdriven sound you're talking about, but it does mean turning it up a little to get reflections from the room and so you're not ridiculously cranking the pre and thus adding noise. If you can't turn it up then i'd go for the iso.
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    Dec 31, 2003
    Check out the Tonelab pedal from Vox. It derives its sound from a 12AX7 tube, analog until the output. It has several sections to dial in various classic heads and cabinets, and several preset guitar sounds from Queen to AC/DC, Zep, Hendrix, etc......All the usual onboard effects and amazing tape delay emulation too. A friend just got one to replace his POD at his studio and he demoed it for me. The POD can't compete with it. They're around $300.
  4. TheArchitect

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    Mar 26, 2005
    I got a Randall ISO cab. It works as advertised but it isn't silent. A cranked marshall is greatly reduced but still likely loud enough to piss off a neighbor in an adjoining apartment and definitely anyone below you. It does sound pretty good though
  5. ISO cabs are really made to minimize outside noise from bleeding into the mic. Basically, it maximizes the (I don't know the term, but I'll just say source-bleed) ratio.

    Anyway, are your neighbors nice? Ask them about when a reasonable time would be and stick to playing only during that time.
  6. Architect,

    Are you able to get good clean to mildly overdriven sounds with the Randall? Most people who use these things sem to play metal, but I'm into britt pop. What amp do you mainly use with it? what type of music?

    Do you find the sound to be boxy or muffled? I'm defiantely leaning in this direction and I'd love any input you can give me.


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