Question pertaining to DIY vocal isolation booth.

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  1. Cutting out background noises isn't really my concern. I write/record heavy metal, and basically I need to yell without my room mates and/or neighbors calling the cops on me. So I would like to build a small sound isolation booth. I was thinking about 3' X 3' X 6', with hinges between the walls so it would be easy to break down, and thus portable. If I built it with plywood for the walls, with a few inches of appropriate foam on the inside (and on the ceiling of course), would this do the job of cutting down sound levels? Is there something I could put on the outside of the walls to help, like dynomat? I have a carpeted floor, for what it's worth.
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    Wrong forum. Head over to the Studio Construction Forum, also read the sticky in that forum and follow the guidelines.

    This section is more for what happens inside vocal booths... Singing and whatnot.
  3. gotcha, thanks and sorry for putting it here :)
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    Lemme throw a line out to ya'...

    While I too will invite ya' over to the acoustics forum to actually finalize your design, I'll try to get you started on the basics as I know em'.

    1st, the rules...
    Where ever air goes, so will sound.
    The BEST way to stop sound is with mass. (ESPECIALLY low frequencies)
    Square rooms are horrible sounding.

    Granted, you're talking about a portable vocal booth, so you're not going to have to deal with really low frequencies. That's a good thing, but you do need to be concerned with loud mid-range frequencies.

    I think I might skip the idea of a hinged box. The total weight is gonna be a bit more than I think you will be willing to move.

    As far as construction... mulling it over in my head, I would think a wall that was 2x4 metal studs filled with R-19 and covered with 1/2" gypsum on the exterior and maybe something like 3/8" plywood and 1/2" gypsum would be 110% effective. A ceiling of 2x8's with the same construction should be good as well. I would start the floor with wood 2x4's on top of 3/4" marine plywood, and build the floor up with 2 layers of 5/8" plywood and fill the cavities with R-19. Use a solid core door and "bank vault" the opening.

    You could assemble it with angle brackets and neoprene gaskets at the seams.

    The things you'ld need to watch out for are the cable entry and fresh air.

    Is this overkill? Probably, but this would be using standard building materials that are readily available. And making it approximately 3'x4'x7', you could still make it reasonably portable. Granted, it'd take 3 men and a small boy to move the floor and the ceiling, but it could be done.

    Come on down to the Studio Construction forum... I'm sure you might get some better ideas and the info to do this right.
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