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Discussion in 'Mixing & Song Critique' started by igotnosmoke, Jun 13, 2004.

  1. igotnosmoke

    igotnosmoke Active Member

    May 19, 2004
    Melbourne, Australia
    Hi guys,
    Ive got 2 questions...
    Im using Nuendo 1.51 to record my music and im reasonably new to it... I am also using a Delta 1010lt soundcard...

    Firstly, im having difficulty locating the function that enables you to hear what your playing thru the monitors (whist i am singing or playing an instrument) what needs to be done to get it working?

    Secondly, i would like to record multiple tracks simultaneously.. yet the Nuendo default setup only allows you to record one track at a time.. In the ASIO Multimedia setup... ive selected all my tracks to be active, what further configurations need to be done

    Thanks guys :),
  2. krash

    krash Guest

    Until recently when I switched to Ardour under Linux, I was using nearly this exact setup...

    Run the Delta 1010 control panel, the tab that says "Patch Bay" or whatever (I think it's the second tab), set channels 1 & 2 to "monitor mixer". Switch back to the mixer panel (in the 1010 control panel) and unmute 1&2 outputs, turn up the levels. Plug the 1&2 outputs into your monitoring rig.

    Now, to hear what you are DOING, presuming you're not using a mixer for monitor mixing (I am running mixerless, it's the real beauty of the Delta 1010), then you need to unmute whatever input channel you are using in the Delta 1010 control panel "Monitor Mixer" tab and then you can mix the output of Nuendo (on PCM 1/2 presuming that's how you have your Nuendo outputs set up) with varying levels of your inputs direct monitored by unmuting your input channel and turning it up. FWIW you can also pan it here, and if you want it panned to the center, you have to click on the pan control, then use the arrow keys on the keyboard to adjust it otherwise it's either 5% right or 5% left (can't center the pan with the mouse).

    So for a quick and dirty step by step for using Delta1010 with Nuendo mixerless:

    1. Plug your input into Delta 1010 input #1 (you can use as many as you like)
    2. Plug your monitors/headphone amp/whatever into the 1&2 outputs
    3. Run the Delta 1010 control panel, and in the "Patchbay/Router" tab, set 1 & 2 outputs to "Monitor Mixer"
    4. In the Delta 1010 control panel, choose the "Monitor Mixer" tab and unmute all inputs and outputs, and turn up the levels. At this point, when you play on the instrument plugged into ch. 1 you should hear it in the monitors (without Nuendo even running... not a Nuendo problem). Pan/level to taste using the monitor mixer tab
    5. Run Nuendo. On the "Devices" menu, choose "VST Inputs", and activate the inputs (all of them) for the Delta 1010. This will make them pop up on the list of inputs for tracks.
    6. On the "Devices" menu, choose "VST Outputs" and set the outputs to 1&2 of the Delta 1010 by clicking on the area at the bottom of the mixer looking pane, which should pop up a list of pairs of outputs for the Delta 1010. This is for "BUS 1"
    7. On "Devices" menu, select "Device Setup" and then select "VST Multitrack", set buffers to some big number (next to the highest... you have direct monitoring so latency is a non-issue), same for buffer size (next to the highest number), choose "ASIO Multimedia Driver", clock source "Internal", and DO NOT TURN ON "Direct Monitoring"

    At this point, when you create a project and add a track, then all of the inputs should appear for you to choose on the track, and selecting the input will properly route it, you can hear playback and what you are doing simultaneously on channel 1&2.

    Uh??? I don't get it. Create multiple tracks. Set them each to a different input. Hit record. You're recording multiple tracks.

    You cannot record multiple tracks from the same input. If you want multiple tracks from the same input, record one track and then copy it.

    Am I making sense here? :)

    Good luck...
  3. igotnosmoke

    igotnosmoke Active Member

    May 19, 2004
    Melbourne, Australia
    Hey Josh...
    Thanks HEAPS for your help, I managed to get it all working, 100 points to you ;)
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