question with punch ins for ProTools and Nuendo???

Discussion in 'Mixing & Song Critique' started by separation, Aug 10, 2007.

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    Well i'm starting the long process with A-Bing my current Nuendo system with a Digi002 Protools LE system and I run across something that is rather interesting. In Nuendo when I want to do a punch in I just set the point where I want it to occur and then hit the button to initialize the punch point and when I hit play I can hear the music in my headphones AND my guitar playing over it. I've found that in ProTools LE that I have the same similar situation however when I initialize the punch point tool and I hit play I don't hear my instrument UNTIL the punch is hit. This seems strange to me. Why wouldn't you be able to hear yourself playing in anticipation of the punch point in your headphones in ProTools LE? Am I missing something here? I'm a mega NOOB with ProTools but my brother is fairly ProTools LE handy and he says this normal and the way punches are supposed to work. He is blaming Nuendo and my wiriing (which is completely possible BTW) of my immense problems with Latency with the playback.

    Has anyone had this experience in ProTools LE? Is this just something that you have to move up to the full end PT to be able to hear before the punch point or am I completely off base here.

    Confused in Richmond I-B. :lol:
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    nuendo > > > > > > > > > > > than pt LE
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    Well I got Cuemix to work so now I'm working in Nuendo with no latency for my main mix. Haven't figured out just yet how to use Cuemix so that I can have multiple outs (ie. heaphone1,2,3,4,etc) in separate mixes. I can set them up in Nuendo and have them go to specific outputs on my 1224 but not sure how they work with Cuemix. I have to say I like using Cuemix and the drag on my machine is much less.

    Still not sure what the actual answer is regarding punches but maybe someone else will post who has some experience with both programs or just Protools LE.

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