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    Aug 22, 2006
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    I already have everything set up the way I wanted for doing live performances in my home studio. Currently I have everything onto one track, so we end up doing bass seperate (for editing reasons).

    I want to still be able to record live, but record each instrument onto seperate tracks, guitars each on one seperate track, drums combined into one track, bass on seperate track (so I dont have to go back afterwards).

    I am using a Crate GTX 12 track mixer and going through a Roland Edirol UA 101 audio interface, I know I have about 6 inputs to the the audio interface but Im stumped on how to do this. I could easily hook each input into the insert plugs on the mixer, but that leaves the drums out (since I have six mics for the drum kit, 1 for each guitar, 1 for bass)

    Is there anyway to do this or am I better off explaining to my band mates that It would be easier to edit and sound better if we record each instrument seperatly.

    Thanks in advance.
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