Questions about setting up a small recording rig DAW

Discussion in 'Computing' started by fiddler59, Apr 11, 2005.

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  1. fiddler59

    fiddler59 Active Member

    Apr 11, 2005
    I am in the process of setting up a small studio to do some recording for my bands Indie label project. My requirements are rather odd in that we have banjo, electric guitar, acoustic guitar,
    fiddle, mandolin, drums (full kit), elect. bass and vocals. (Not all inst.
    @ once , only five band members.)
    So far I have:
    2 Echo Layla 3G's
    1 Sebatron 4000e mic pre
    1 Groove Tubes Bricks
    Nuendo 2.2
    Soundcrft Spirit 24 ch board
    1 Studio Projects C1
    1 AT 3035
    3 AT PRO37r's
    1 Too many 57's too count
    1 Shure Beta 87
    1 CAD Equatek 100
    2 Shure BG 4.1's
    1 Sure KSM 44
    AMD 3000+
    1.5gigs ram
    Blue Sky Media desk monitors

    Main tracking will be done with 14 15 tracks max.
    The only thing I want to use the Spirit mixing board for is for heaphone mixes for tracking overdubs. What other mic pre's would you all suggest ? I have been looking @ the Hamptone JFETS
    just for something different. Maybe a JML TMP8 too ?? I know for a fact great mic pres and good mics are what seperate the men from the boys when it comes to tracking....(well good ears and tons of experience may have more than a little to do with it too.) I know I need a good kick drum mic any suggestions) I know I will need some compressors but we want to use as little as possible.....kick......bass......vocals I am guessing. Looking at FMR RNP's for all but the bass. I am not married to these ideas of mine.
    This is what I have come up with so far. $4-5000 is my budget for the rest of what I need.
    David B.
  2. fiddler59

    fiddler59 Active Member

    Apr 11, 2005
    More !!!!

    Also thinking about a decent ribbon mic for cutting fiddle with. Royer 121 any other suggestions to go with the above ???
    David B.
  3. TeddyG

    TeddyG Well-Known Member

    Jan 20, 2005
    How to go?

    Sounds like you've laid-in a nice stock of stuff so far..? Nuendo, nice computer, Layla's, Sebatron, Groove Tubes, all hard to beat.

    What else?

    4-5 g's sounds like the world and all, budget-wise, to me! Though, it wouldn't allow one to buy BOTH a single channel Doug Fern pre AND his tube compressor(If "great" is neccessary, that's where I'd start, though again, not with this budget...). Hummm. A pendulum audio Quartet! "Only" 3 grand! And then, what for mics?(As they might say in the PA Dutch Country, where I live.). Certainly, something rare and fabulous, but, after the Quartet(Certainly after either part of the Fern picture!), no money left for a mic "worthy" of the pres?

    So where.....?

    I guess, if I was you... I'd try what I have and see how it sounds. Matter of fact, I'd track through the Spirit, using it's pre's at first, using the mics I have to hear what I get. Then, if there were tracks that sounded like they could be improved, I'd get out one of the ooutboard pre's and give it a shot, then the other pre, trying all the different mics and pick the best takes. It would be "0" surprise to me that the 57's and the Spirit pre's would find their comfy niche, more than once.

    EQ? Compression? Effects? I think your budget would allow for a fair number of nice 3rd. party "plug-ins" for Nuendo, at least comparable to the RNC's? I'd record "dry" if at all possible and add effects "in the mix" - though I know it is convenient, maybe even neccessary, at times, to do a little going in, which you still may be able to do with the computer alone? Or pick up an RNC, and give it a try.

    Other mics? I, personally, would have at least one EV RE-20 and one AKG C414B ULS - just because. With their factory shock mounts, less than 1300 for the both of them. The EV-20 might make a good "kick" mic? The 414 should be good on everything else you throw at it(Including as a "backed-away", second kick mic?)... I don't "know" your mic contingent, so can't comment...(Well, the 57's, which are fine for lots of things, though you already may have better than they for specific situations.).

    I wonder about your speakers? I just don't know the Blue Sky desk monitors?(They look cool! That I know.). Just seems that if I was going to get serious, recording... Well, I just don't know...... I will look them up. Maybe they are really fine? I truly don't know. The term "desk monitor" alone, kind've scares me..... Sounds like "computer speakers"??? Like my Yamaha YST-MS50's(100 bucks). GREAT! For 100 bucks, but..?

    To kill your dollars, I guess if you are happy with your speakers, I'd suggest two(2) C414's and two singles(Or one double) John Hardy preamp(s). Though I wonder how much real difference you'd hear over what you already have pre and mic-wise?

    So. Where are we?

    Yeah. 5 grand.

    1 Pendulum Quartet. Usable with it's own EQ/comp, etc.(Or hard-wire bypassable as a nice tube mic pre only.).

    Plus -

    1 John Hardy single channel pre - Maybe with the custom Jenson option? I don't know? Like to have one with, one without? What I plan to do is ask JH if he could put both options in the same box, with a switch!

    1 C414B ULS. Fantabulous for nearly everything. Not the latest! But, definitely the greatest. The SM-57 of fine, affordable, condenser mics. Or the SM-57 is the C414 of fine, affordable dynamics? - Whatever... Really, thats why I also want an RE-20 - it compares so well, dynamically, with the C414.

    I think you could do all three for 5 g's? Twist the right dealers arm and they might even throw in an RE-20???

    Or, just upgrade the speakers so you could at least hear - well - how everything else sounds and get everything you already have as right as it can be. On the speakers, any number of them could suck-up all your money, no prob. A nice pair of DynAudio 15's, perhaps - with the sub! Maybe overbudget? Just the 15's, maybe...

    How about.....? 2,500 of your coin into the room accoustics and the other 25 c's into a nice set of speakers?

    So many ways to spend your money.

    This stuff is fun!

  4. TeddyG

    TeddyG Well-Known Member

    Jan 20, 2005
    Decent ribbon! Ooh! Ooh!(My hand is up and waving!!! Mr. Kottah, Mr. Kottah!). Beyer Dynamic makes one - the M160??? Cheap!, like 300 bucks??? Looks funny! Disparaged by some, but not by all! BUY ONE, so you can tell me how it is! C'mon, you got the money...

  5. fiddler59

    fiddler59 Active Member

    Apr 11, 2005
    Any other takers on this one..........Kurt ??

    Anybody else care to chime in on this one.............Kurt ????

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