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    Heh, Hi: All - I'm an idiot that knows nothing about anything and needs the help of anyone who knows what they are doing so plz... enjoy answering the following questions:

    -Best Drum mics (around a 7 mic set) for around $200-300
    I've been looking at the samson 7kit

    -Need fuller/thicker/more professional-awesome guitar sound: Do I need a guitar modeler? I wanna spend around $200
    Lookin at the V-Amp Pro
    -Want some good monitoring speakers for around $200 (ill go 300 if they are very much worth it)

    -Any opinions on the m-audio nova (condenser) or the Audio Technica 2020 condenser...

    -What should i be using to mic acoustic guitars?

    -Opinions on Adobe Audition/Competitors

    -Logic? ProTools?

    -Opinions on the Mackie 1620 w/ Firewire card

    -Any other Must Have equipment?

    If you want to chat over aol: my sn is zzZimmerMannn
    otherwise Thx! loads - good to be here...

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