Quick question about backround music.

Discussion in 'Vocals' started by Dari123, Aug 2, 2009.

  1. Dari123

    Dari123 Guest

    When recording vocals, I often hear that the music in the backround is very bad quality.

    How can I record my vocals, while haveing good backround music?

    Do I need a speacial program to record the music in the backround?

    Do I let the mic record my voice and the backround music?

    Thanks for the help
  2. Codemonkey

    Codemonkey Well-Known Member

    Dec 11, 2007
    Scotland, UK
    Depends where the background music comes from.

    If you're playing a file on your PC, you want as little in the recording as possible. Then you mix it with the file in a multi-track DAW. Audacity will work fine.

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