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    I want to do some reamping to experiment with tones and mic placement on my tube amp.

    I've read that one can't just come out of an output of a DAW, stuff a 1/4" jack into an amp and have it work well.

    Is there a way to do it without having to buy a reamp box-I'm not sure I'll ever use it once this particular set of experiments is done. If I have to buy one, then so be it.

    And I do currently own a Radial JDI. I assume one can't just attach everything in the reverse to recording a guitar and have it work, or they wouldn't sell reamp boxes?

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    i've taken the signal out of my interface right into my triple rectifier, it worked. How good it was for my amp, i sure don't know, but nothing broke. i have since bought a radial pro rmp, which i haven't used much. I'm sure someone else will have a much more technical explanation.
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    You can in fact use your DI box in reverse. Just lower the signal coming out of your DAW so you don't come to hot into the input of the amp. After all it's not built for line level signal.

    I think the whole point of those re-amp DI boxes is they're padded so you don't have to lower the output from the DAW. I've never had a problem not using them.
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    here is what you want in its simplest form

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