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Discussion in 'Microphones (live or studio)' started by caiv, Jan 10, 2001.

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    First of all, I'm new here, and let me tell ya. These forums are cool!

    I have been interested in R.E.D for a wile now and I have a few questions, I'm going to keep them in different threads as it was suggested.

    My first question regards the fader resolution of R.EDs mixer. Is my understanding that PT mixer faders are 10 bit's allowing 0.1dbs steps, and pro control have 1024 steps or something like that. as you know. the majority of software out there are MIDI controlled, meaning 127 steps..What is the Fader resolution in R.Ed's??


    Sorry for my spelling!!

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    welcome aboard caiv!

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    the team at RO asks for your patience.

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    No problem..

    Do you mind if I keep on posting questions???

    Im really loving it in here..

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    Sep 5, 2000
    These are some serious issues you are bringing up, and great questions. Please do keep asking. Joel will be with us eventually to answer them.

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    All fader & voumes changes are 24 bit values. Control data is mapped to 24 bit 'dB weighted' values
    from on-screen faders (150pixels approx.) external 7 bit (128 steps) MIDI or 14 bit MIDI (16384 steps),
    depending upon the controller. Most faders have 1024 step sensing max.

    There's interpolation (smoothing) to remove zipper noise and for instance with automation data, this is
    calculated between the stored automation points at 24 bit resolution according to the curve required

    Best regards

    Joel Gette
    Soundscape Digital
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    Is there any controllers that R.ed comes ready for?? or I have to use something like Logic's environment for it??I've heard that R.ed comes bundle with micrologic..any how makes no difference. to me anyhow.

    I have an old cs-10 that I would like to use for midi(keyboards and such) but I would really like something expandable with motorize faders.. and 14 bit fader resolution. But hey...no more zipper on my fades

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