Rackmount Conversion Kits for Tower Cases

Discussion in 'Converters / Interfaces' started by zonum420, Jan 15, 2005.

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    Hey everyone, I am new here currently deployed to the middle east (guess where) and leaving soon. I have been researching parts and what not for building my DAW when I get back. I am torn between buying a rackmount case, or a silent tower. What I have been looking for is some kind of kit to be able to mount a desktop tower in a rackmount space. Anyone around know of any solutions to this? Take it easy.
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    Jun 1, 2003
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    You can use a 3 or 4 space rack shelf, and secure the PC to the shelf. That is what I'm doing with my Small Form Factor "Shuttle XPC" computer. It is like 4U high, but only 8" wide. I plan on putting the UPS power supply next to the PC on the same rack-shelf (to conserve rack spaces, and lessen set-up times, too).

    I did something simular with my Avalon U-5 and my GT "The Brick" pre-amp (both are less than 1/2 rack wide). I removed the rubber feet from both units, and drilled holes in the bottom of a 14ga 3 space rack shelf, so the holes match up with the feet screws on the units, and I used the factory "feet screws" to secure them (had to add a few washers as the feet screws had small heads). Now, the 2 units sit side-by-side on a single shelf in the Rack with the rest of my Rack Gear, and are securely mounted from the bottom of the shelf (these ARE portable racks). Looks good, too.

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    Welcome to RO.

    I know of no such kit that would do what you want. Randy's suggestion is about the only way to rackmount a tower but it would leave you very little room for anything else in the rack. If you were to go with an XPC as Randy has that would give you more room for other gear.

    Out of curiosity why do you want to rack mount a tower? Do you want to make your rig mobile? If so I would go with a 4U rackmount case or an XPC setup like Randy's. If you won't be moving it around I would get a tower and put it on the floor as rackmounts are noisy unless you have a closet or another room to put them in. Also rackmounts don't run as cool as towers affecting stability. Unless you have a special need for rackmount I would stick with a tower.

    Hope this helps
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    Thanks Randy and Big D for the replies, and its good to be here, can't wait to get back to the states though, the sight of sand is getting old. Right now I am in the planning phase of setting up a personal studio. I currently use a frankenstein AMD Computer running SX and various softsynths and plug ins. I own a MC909, a generic MIDI controller keyboard, kenton control freak, Technics 1210's, vestax mixer, Korg Kaoss Pad II and. Right now I don't like my setup, its basically in a spare bedroom and every time I want to work on tracks I have to set it up, and by the time I do, the moment of inspiration has passed. Being out here I have saved up alot of cash and plan on building a new DAW (still deciding on Dual Opteron, AMD 64FX or Intel?). Purchasing a Omni Rax Desk, A Virus TI Desktop (very sweet), Mackie Control and Control C4, Motu 828MKII, and some other pieces of kit. The reason I am doing this is to have it set up all the time. I won't be moving it around. I do not have alot of room and am concerned about silence and cooling from the PC. I won't be doing alot of Vocal recording but I can do that from another room. I know the tower is a more efficient choice stability and noise wise but I will have rackspaces in the desk I plan on purchasing and wanted everything "right there". I like the tower option because of the room inside the case and the cooling and noise aspects of it. But I like the rackmount option for aesthetic appeal but realize the space constraints inside and am not to sure if it can be silenced as easy as the desktop. Just trying to get the best of both worlds you know. Thanks again though guys I appreciate it!

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