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  1. natan666

    natan666 Guest

    ive been searching for a good rackmount chassis to build my new PC DAW around. the carillon systems look good, but they are pre-configured. this would be good in some instances, but i want to be responsible from the ground up. ive found some really good sites and products (boom rack, rackmountequipment.com, gorilla.net, et al), but i was wondering if anyone's had good experiences before i fork over 2-300 bones for an 'industrial strength' solution.

    MNMCHAZ Guest

    Try pricescan.com and look for listings for ANTEC rackmount cases. I'm also building a system around a rackmount from the ground up and I am purchasing a ANTEC rackmount case.
  3. gtrmac

    gtrmac Guest

    We bought a few rackmounts so far and the Antec and Boomrack were both good. The thing to look for is how the internal drives are mounted. We had a couple chassis where there was only mounting for one internal harddrive. This was ok in this particular situation since we were using removable drive cases for the audio drives and they were on a SCSI adaptor. Some cases have pretty limited options though.
  4. KSmith

    KSmith Guest

    Pete Larson from the pc-daw list hooked me up with a new case. It's the best looking rackmount case I've ever seen before, and it's laid out well. 3, full-size, external, horizontal drive bays, 1 half-size internal (vertical) and external floppy drive (also vertical). All the drives mount a rubber isolated subframe. It's 4U high, only 18" deep, and has a black finish with silver anodized handles. The only bad thing is a loud, 120mm fan, but that can be dealt with.

    His company is http://www.audiencedp.com but the new cases aren't there yet. He'll send you a picture if you ask about it, though.
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