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  1. I am about to be played on some radio stations, right now most are nonprofit college stations, but hopefully make it to mainstream as well. Could you tell me how I can track my radio spins? Do I have to register with something? also, when I get played on mainstream, how can I get paid royalties for plays?
    Thank you and God Bless!
  2. chukisit

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    if you want to track spins.......head over to Most college stations report to them with their weekly playlists. They offer services for indie artists that will alow you to track a song. Good Luck!
  3. theslumlord

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    I found that it's easier to get paid "spin" royalties if the song is regisiterd with someone like BMI, ASCAP, etc. I've acutally got checks from BMI for college radio spins (at least enough to buy a newspaper) :D

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