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Discussion in 'Mixing & Song Critique' started by thebrooksman, Apr 24, 2005.

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    Hey everyone.
    I'm in charge of the college radio station here and am noticing something I haven't seen before. We're using a Harisson AP-100 digital board to do our live broadcast mixing. We have three cd players and a tape deck in the studio, and a patch bay in another room where it all connects together. The CD\Tape Players connect to the patch bay with a really nice 8-channel snake, and the patch bay connects to the console with a custom built snake (1/4" on one end and bare on the other for punch down into the board).

    All of the channels sound great except for two small issues. First, the channels "leak" into each other. For example, if you play a CD on the player connected to channel one, you can barely hear the audio coming through if you crank channel two. Its barely audible, but noticable on the air. I know its not the board because this did not happen when the CD players were wired straight to the board.

    Also, the tape deck puts a hum on the channel when powered on. Its a really nice Tascam deck so it was a strange problem. I tried another identical Tascam deck and the same thing happened. I suspected a cabling problem but when a CD Player is connected instead of the Tape deck the hum is gone. The Tascam is not grounded at the AC connection, so I have no idea where this would come from.

    Thanks in Advance everyone! Very helpful people we have here! :p
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    By the way, the sound only leaks on the other channels that involve the snake (8 total). None of the other channels on the console have the leaked sound. Also, the patch bay is used for several other sources, so this most likely isn't the problem either. Thanks for your input in advance!
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    No ideas?
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    Never mind, problem solved. In case anyone's interested - the issue was grounds that were accidently getting tied together.
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    Oct 1, 2004
    I didn't see your post, but I was having problems with a Neumann U87, and the problem was something similar. Glad you got it fixed!

    John Stafford

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