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  1. I'm looking at my other topic posts...and it says I posted them in the future. Maybe I need to fix the time setting for my posts...

    Anyway, I have a few random studio questions:

    How do you store your mic cases? And where? Do you always keep your mics in them when not in use, or do you ever leave them on the stands?

    What about all the random, differently-shaped paperwork that comes with all the gear you buy? How do you store that so it's not all in the way and ugly, but available for consultation when you need it?

    Thanks for preusing pedestrian questions such as these. :)

    ---Fred auf der Rockwells
    Migrant Records
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    Aug 21, 2004
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    My dynamics are sometimes left on their stands or clips as the case may be but condensors always get put away until the next session. For instance if I'm tracking drums and I don't finish I just put away the OH's and that way I just have to put them back up when I'm ready to track again instead of setting up all the mics again.

    I download the PDF from the makers site, print it out then put the pages into plastic sleeves and into a binder. That way everything is in one place and easy to reference. The plastic sleeves protect the pages from spilled drinks, dirty hands and tears. I know it's anal but it works for me.
  3. No, not anal at all. Thanks so much for the insight. I'll take your suggestions.

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