Rane SM26 Line mixer Replace the Mackie 1604,Good Idea?

Discussion in 'Consoles / Control Surfaces' started by Alyi, May 19, 2005.

  1. Alyi

    Alyi Guest

    I read a lots about the Mackie 1604, 24-4 event the 24-8.A lots people just use it for monitoring and don't use the EQ.A lots my friend sellin their 24 or 16 Mixer cuz they just for monitoring not recording and Mixing. So...Is it good idea buy 2 or 3 rane SM26 Line Mixer just for Monitoring and Direct out for Recoring through the Preamp or Compressor or outboard EQ first and Mix in my Daw.I think it's not waste the Room Space and Mackie EQ and save some money. Is it good Idea?? How's the Rane Sound Quality for recordin. I have the DJ Mixer of Rane, I feel not bad.
    How you guys think?Thanks for help.
  2. huub

    huub Guest

    we (big outside broadcasting company) use the rane line mixers in our trucks..nothing wrong with em for line mixing..
    the mackie eq is way too limited for serious use anyway..
    there IS a big difference in sound between mackie and other(spirit folio, behringer) mixers though..even for line mixing.
    then again..if you don't have a separate preamp, the mackie's ones are pretty useable..
  3. anonymous

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    Feb 10, 2001
    I've owned 4 different Mackie boards. The pre-amps are only as good as the EQ. And neither is to boast about. :oops:
    But the same thing can be said for about ALL the "under a thousand dollar mark" gear.
    It just cost more money to use the parts that a good quality pre amp uses, (transformer, tubes, ect, ect.)
    And by the time you design the pre-amp with todays standard design technologies in mind. It raises the cost that much more. People want at least 8 channels, and pre-amps, with EQ on each channel, for under $1000. Or in some cases 16 channel's with pre-amps, and EQ, all for under a grand.
    But the reality that a good EQ and/or and good quality pre-amp cost no less than $1000, and as much as $2000, just for one channel. Sorry for you budget gear lovers out there
    I'm not talking to anyone spec.
    But anyhow, just dont expect anything better, as far as the Mackie Vs the Rane, this is once again not a question of better, just different.
    They are both in the same cost range. They are both respected names in audio. But just make sure you like the little features and or coarse the way it sounds with the type of music you want to do. And just because a quality company makes good long lasting gear, that is affordable, does not mean that it will suit all types of music.
    My two cents
    Hope you get what you like most!
    Oh yeah, I've never own anything by Rane. But I would like to get one or two of their high end EQ units

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