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Discussion in 'Recording' started by fanara, Jul 23, 2009.

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    hello :) i would like to ask you, if this card http://www.m-audio.com
    and this mic http://reviews.harmony-central.com/reviews/Microphone/product/Sennheiser/e815S/10/1
    would give me a normal to good sound (normal, not crappy :p)

    after that, plz suggest me what equipments(mic+ whatever else is needed) should i buy with like 400 $? plz, dont tell me to buy things with a summary bigger than my current budget :/

    Ty in advance :)
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    Well, I wasn't going to post on this for fear of sounding like a one trick pony. No, you won't get any kind of useable results with that setup you suggested. At least not if you plan on sending any demos to record execs. Now no offense intended, but what you have there is something fun to do with your friends when you are drunk, maybe something along the lines of karaoke, not a results-oriented setup. You have $400 to work with so I'd recommend these... The interface comes with an audio editing program that is used by many frequents around here so you will get a good amount of tech support from us. If you expand your budget a little we can throw a decent pair of monitors your way.

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    If you are under a budget let me suggest you to get a used or even new Sure 58 or a Beta 58 and a used Firepod, FP10, Mbox mini etc. for around 150-200. This is all used. Used stuff is ok with me, but you may be different. If you want new than that interface is fine to start with.

    You will be better at buying a better inteface that has more features because if you really get into this you will regret and find your self stuck until you save/make more money to upgrade your hardware/software.

    The more chanels the better (some times), the higher the relosution and the better the pre amps too but that is a whole other thread.

    Good luck brother,
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    Hey Guitarfreak

    looks like we are almost in the same track! I like tracks! but I like tracking better!
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