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    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Pcw5viQNBQ8 is just an example

    How to the engineers make it this clear ... i got at2020 with a phantom power mobilepre usb ... i m using cool edit pro 2 n just downloaded t racks ... I need pre sets or tips on how 2 make the vocals sound natural with the beat ... im a still a rookie at this mixing and the efford i but in my lyrics deserve a decent mixin or quality .... help me out i m lost ....
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    Like this kid sounds pretty dope
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    The microphones they are using have the high pass (low-cut) filter turned on. Then they have also yanked up the high frequencies along with adding judicious amounts of compression/limiting. Then a bunch of ProTools plug-ins such as vocoders, low frequency oscillated flanging & some delays of a short order nature. And they spent more than $100 to create these works of art. (Well maybe $150? Did I say Art? Quite frankly, I don't believe these computer-generated productions utilizing crappy sample loops is all that inspiring to listen to. I mean that is if you can play computer games you can create this kind of stuff. But what you are listening to is ProTools and a bunch of plug-ins. You can learn how to do all of this by getting ProTools certified instruction/schooling. Them you can be a brain surgeon too.

    Does that help?
    Mx. Remy Ann David
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    Some what ... what i wana kno is tho .. how to get there . In canada we dont have those kinda courses
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    Well Remy did actually tell you how to start , in the first few sentences.
    1) High Pass remove lower frequencies from the vocal using EQ boost the higher frequencies of the vocal (brighten)
    2)Compression this smooths out the volume of the vocal (note the word judicous)
    3) vocoder, low flanging, short delays (these are all plug ins)
    I am not very familiar with Cool Edit but my impression is that it is a somewhat limited program can it run 5-6 plug ins? There are no presets, there isn't a magic bullet, you will need to learn to work these tools to achieve the results you are looking for, trial and error, just understand that small adjustments in each step affect the next. Try making several different mixes using these and listen carefully to the results or record the vocals and bring them to a pro studio and pay for an education by watching a good engineer. The line about the protools education might just be Remy's sense of humor, she generally has good deal of disdain for edumacated book learnt engineers or as she said brain surgeons.

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