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Discussion in 'Mixing & Song Critique' started by baron, Sep 21, 2004.

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    Forgive me, I realize this site is for recording and I love it but I'm sure most of you do live performance as well.

    I'm in a band that plays small-medium size gigs and occasionally medium sized festivals/outdoor productions. I'm considering getting the Mackie 808s. I want to power 2 pa speakers with one channel and 2-3 monitors with the other. Will this have enough power for that? Do I need to plan on getting a second amp for the monitors? (I'd rather not) Our mix is mainly vocals and some kick and snare through the pa. The rest is straight from the respective amps. In the past we didn't turn up the monitors very loud.

    Any input would be helpful. Also, recommendations on speakers would be great. I'd like to stay around 300 a piece for them.

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    Feb 23, 2001
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    The question of enough power depends on many things. What type of PA and monitor speakers you will be using as well as their power ratings, along with how loud you need the PA and monitors to be. I always suggest at least 2x the amount of power the speakers can handle for their program power rating.
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    The moment you say you want SOME snare and SOME kick ...
    life can get very difficult

    THEN you say you want to ... take it outdoors
    double ouch.

    Each band and situation is different and expectations vary so much. I suggest you hire some gear and set it up outdoors or in a very large rehersal room and get some help.
    Run up a vocal mix and then add the kick and snare. An experienced Sound or Tech fellow can show you the meaning and effect of lack of headroom.
    Kick and Snare can steal your headroom fast.

    If the experiments go well then go for it. Otherwise you will have to think larger.

    IEM is becoming affordable and can be very rewarding.

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