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    Working out some detail drawings of my racks and doing some searching on web I've come across some waaaaaaay cool/different front tilt mechanisms. Some have hydraulic pistons, some have chains and pins, all kinds of stuff.

    In addition, some of the wiring harnesses are pretty tricked out too. Elco's, punchdowns and wirewrap hell.

    Aside from the Middle Atlantic stuff, anyone got any links to some of the better/high-end rack accessory folks?

    My racks will be flame maple marquetry inlaid into walnut, so I'd like to do some nicer racking gear inside. I don't wanna' have to scratch the cabinetry all to pieces stacking the gear everywhere trying to get it in/out and wired.

    My primary bays are ADC wirewrap, but I'm not absolutely committed to wirewrap everywhere.


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