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    Dec 18, 2000
    here's a poser for you:

    recently I acquired a fairly rare CD release of a late '60's movie soundtrack (i.e. "limited pressing"). The story behind the score is that (supposedly) sometime in the 70's the original master tapes were lost in a fire. :mad:

    So this year, some record company releases the score, only that it sounds like somebody mic'd the TV speaker while a VHS copy of the film was running. PLUS, they really overdid the noise reduction process - it completely sucked out all the high end. The end result is barely listenable, it's midrangy, washed out, muffled etc. Whoever re-mastered this did a shabby job. :mad:

    my questions....Seeing how I do mastering on a regular basis (via SADiE Artemis), is there any EQ or other tricks to undoing overdone noise reduction? I can take care of the midrangy-ness fairly ok......

    yes, I'm planning on recutting this disc for my personal use - the score is brilliant and the ham-fisted way it was "cleaned up" just doesn't do the music justice.

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    Dec 18, 2000
    yeah, I've twiddled with this bastard all day and all I want to do is find the engineer who mutilated this and throttle his neck for a few hours.... :D

    turns out I've hi-shelfed it about 3 dB @ 4khz, added a smidge of lows @ 75Hz and took out a ton of crap at 400-500 Hz (turns out the lo-mids were really ^#$%ing things up) ...not a great improvement, but less honky and closer to being a more enjoyable listening experience...

    what would I ever do without my SADiE? :D

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