reading microphone polar and freq. charts

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  1. robertmetal

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    hello there.

    if a handheld vocal mic has a polar chart like this one

    is it not giving a false reading off its off axis rejection as it has an added ring (worth 5db's) i.e. at 120% and at 1kHz the mic is not 30 db's down but in fact 25? because with the added ring your not actually counting from directly behind its on axis point at 0%

    if so it it the same case with this mic

    Link removed

    at 2000Hz the mic isnt down by 30db's but 25 for the same reason as the first mic?

  2. robertmetal

    robertmetal Guest

    oops i dont think the links i put up work!
    the first mic was the audio-technica ae6100
    which can be found at

    and the other was the audix OM5 and it spec sheet can be found at

  3. wayne

    wayne Guest

    I'd assume the second line is the zero reference.
  4. Kev

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    Nov 13, 2001
    Hypercardioid Dynamic Handheld Microphone


    it shows the relative sensitivity at various frequencies and positions around the capsule

    most sensitive directly in front and at all the freqs
    least sensitive at 1k at both 120 and 240 deg

    looking at the back of the mic is difficult to gauge the other freq because they have use the dotted line and not continuous coloured lines
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