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Discussion in 'Mixing & Song Critique' started by -Ever-, Mar 2, 2004.

  1. -Ever-

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    Feb 24, 2004
    So I got myself a copy of Reason and I love it, like many others seem to. Seeing that I'm pretty new to studio methods and all, I'm yet to feel that I have a prefered method that I like for making electronic music. What Reason has done is taught me a lot about how different hardware works with eachother. One thing I love is how easy it is to do automation. I'm done setting up my first studio, but I'm yet to dive into it's potential, especially with things like automation controller mapping still needing to be set up.
    So what I'm wondering is how Reason can be used with other things. Not in general though, like with Cubase. I'm wondering, those of you who use Reason *along side other hardware and programs* and not just alone, how you like to incorporate it in your mixes. If you love using Cubase or Logic because you've got ton's of hardware synths, are you using Reason for it's ease of use for things like drum editing? I've read that Reason can be slaved, but I'm wondering how this actually works. I'm guessing I can't, but can I simply copy a track I write in Reason and paste in my Cubase arrange window? I guess I'm wondering how you like to trigger Reason. Also, is it common to write a drumline in Reason, save it as audio, then import it into Cubase to be used alongside other audio and midi?
    Thanks guys. I know my post is a bit vague, but maybe you can fill in the gaps. I really love this software, and I'm just trying to move back to my audio/midi(hardware) sequencer and I'm not sure the ways that the transition can be made so I can carry my Reason work back whithout losing any quality or information and such.
    Take care ;)
  2. bhuvan

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    Jan 31, 2004
    Home Page:
    yeah reason is a great place to get started.. now that you've started your way around sequencing stuff, you want to use your VSTIs and logic instruments with this.

    what you want to do is run Reason in Rewire mode. That means that you either start cubse or logic first and then start reason. then you'll see on top that the audio out is not going to the card but going to rewire.

    with either logic or cubase, the transport controls, tempo automation, locators etc are all in sync with each other.

    what you can also do is: have your MIDI sequence in logic or cubase and trigger the sounds of the reason modules. in cubase you can do it by assigning the output of that MIDI track to that reason module. you'll first have to activate Rewire channels/mix out in the devices menu.

    for logic 6, you have to get into the environment. this link might help:


    but you can't sequence in reason and trigger sounds outside.

    it helps if you plug the outs from each module to separate channels of the hardware interface. else you'll only be getting the LR out to cubase/logic .. and all your processing for individual channels will have to be done in reason itself.

    if you take individual outs for each channel, then you can apply all yourplug-insin logic/cubase to that signal.

    i was having some problems when i was taking the signal from reason and compressing it in logic. it was sounding horrible .. but i'm getting around to the best way of doing it.

    anyway, try this .. and all the best!
  3. nuclearmoon

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    I use Reason on a laptop slaved via MIDI to my DAW. I then route the laptop's audio back to my DAW and record entire sequences or track by track. It is super easy to slave Reason on another computer. Just connect that computer to your rig via MIDI and enable sync in Reason. Worked with minimal headache for sure.
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