REASONable mixing idea or complete nonsense you be the judge

Discussion in 'Mixing' started by the01habitat, Mar 15, 2007.

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    Here it is in black and white "I like the tone of reasons scream distortion module". There I said it, maybe its a bit embarassing, but its a guilty pleasure I have. I sample my drums from protools and import them as .wav files into reason to eff them up ALOT. Did i mention i do this to live drums that my drummer plays? I think i also failed to mention its multi tracked drums i do this too. thats rite, kick, snare, toms, hihat and overheads. Getting the picture yet? ALOT of work. I heard theres a plug in, or a mod or something that will let me bus my tracks out to reason. Any takers? does this really exist and where can i get it if it does.
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    I've not heard of this mod/plug... AFAIK there is no way to bus audio into Reason.

    Just for the record, I kinda like Scream too...
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