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    hey, i have to re booth my laptop and clear evrrything from it, so obviously i have to backup all my work,,,im just worried about my tracks for all my songs,,,,and pro tools been tempormental with moving a file somewhere is my worry,,,,,

    the reboot-ing of my laptop will also involve a new windows 7 instalation and so im wondering/concerned about bringing all my files back on my laptop hardrive when its re boothed and set up,

    will there be any problem when opening up a project when i put it back in the destination it was once before,,, for example if it was in my documents folder and i put it back in my documents folder (keep in mind its not vista anymore but windows 7) will there be any errors with pro tools finding these files? and if there is will i be able to make pro tools realise i changed their destination??

    im not very good at this type technical moving of files stuff so sorry if it seems like obvious or stupid question
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    Dec 11, 2007
    Scotland, UK
    Biggest tip I can give you which should save you time from sub-standard programs and maybe some other problems...

    Keep the same username!

    This means that the actual folder name of the documents will start as C:\Users\[your username]\Documents\ and become ... C:\Users\[your username]\Documents\

    This means that any absolute paths (that use C:\blah blah) will still work and any relative paths should automatically work because they use %documents%\ which is expanded by Windows to be C:\wotsits\crackers\Documents\

    No experience with PT to say what should work, but most DAW software lets you respecify the location of the media files, and it should pick up everything from that directory if you do.
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